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Species of Ants

Ants are one of the most successful groups of insects in the animal kingdom. They are of particular interest because they are social insects and form highly organized colonies or nests which sometimes consist of millions of individuals. Colonies of invasive ant species will sometimes work together and form super-colonies, spanning a very wide area of land. Ant colonies are sometimes described as superorganisms because they appear to operate as a single entity.

Ants have colonized almost every landmass on Earth. They can constitute up to 15% of the total animal biomass of a tropical rainforest; in the Amazon the combined weight of the ants is said to be four times larger than that of the tetrapods in the same area. It has also been estimated that the combined weight of all ants exceeds the weight of mankind.

As of 2006, there are 11,880 known ant species, most of which reside in hot climates. We have listed some of the species here, we will continue to add to our database.



Common Name / Scientific Name

Common Name / Scientific Name

acorn antAcorn Ant / Temnothorax
Acorn Ants get their name because they sometimes nest inside of Acorns and other small pre-formed cavities...Read More


ACROBAT ANT-Crematogaster 1Acrobat Ant / Crematogaster
The crematogaster or acrobat ant is found worldwide. There are about 10 species found all over Florida...Read More


Argentine AntArgentine Ant / Linepithema humile
The Argentine ant is a tiny dark ant native to northern Argentina ......Read More


armadillo antArmadillo Ant / Tatuidris
The Armadillo Ant is a very rare genera of ant. There is only one species of ant in the whole genus, which is the Tatuidris tatusia...

Army AntArmy Ants / Eciton burchellii
The queens of the african army ant (driver ant), are the largest ants in the world. It can be over an inch long..... Read More

Atta Laevigata AntAtta laevigata
Atta laevigata is one of about a dozen species of leafcutter ants in the genus Atta, .......Read More

Big Head AntBig Head Ants / Pheidole megacephala
Big-headed ants are most often confused with fire ants Big headed ants have two sizes of workers.......Read More

Bulldog AntBull Ants / Myrmecia gulosa
These ant were once found worldwide but is now restricted to Australia.......Read More

Bullet AntBullet Ants / Paraponera clavata
Paraponera is a genus of ant consisting of a single species, the so-called bullet ant ......Read More

Carpenter AntCarpenter Ants / Camponotus
Carpenter ant workers are 1/4 inch long. The queen can be up to 3/4 inch......Read More

Crazy AntCrazy Ants / Paratrechina longicornis
Crazy ants get their name from their habit of running about very erratically with no apparent sense of direction.......Read More

dracula antDracula Ant / Adetomyrma
The Dracula ant gets its name from its unusual feeding habits where it punches (scratches/chews) a hole into their own larve...

driversmallDriver Ant / Dorylus
Dorylus ants also known as driver ants, safari ants, or siafu (in Swahili) are primarily found in east and central Africa, and parts of tropical Asia...

Fire AntFire Ants / Solenopsis invicta
Fire ants are stinging ants of which there are over 280 species worldwide....Read More

Gliding AntGliding Ants / Cephalotes
Gliding ants are arboreal ants of several different genera that are able to control the direction ...Read More

Honey Pot AntHoney Pot Ants / Myrmecocystus mexicanus
A very small, black ant closely related to the Pharaoh ant (an indoor pest ant).......Read More

Jack Jumper AntJack Jumper Ants / Myrmecia pilosula
The jack jumper ant, hopper ant or jumper ant is a species of bulldog ant ......Read More

Leaf Cutter AntLeaf Cutter Ants / Atta cephalotes
They feed on a specialized fungus
that grows only in the underground chambers of the ants
nest.......Read More

Lemon AntLemon Ants / Myrmelachista schumanni
A species of ant that is notable for the creation of
Devil's gardens ......Read More

Black AntLittle Black Ants / Monomorium minimum
A very small, black ant closely related to the Pharaoh ant (an indoor pest ant.......Read More

mealy antMealy Ant / Acropyga
Mealy Ants (Acropyga) are a species of ant that may spend their entire lives underground...

Pharaoh AntPharaoh Ants / Monomorium pharaonis
Up to 300,000 workers with multiple queens will nest in wall and cabinet voids, behind
baseboards.......Read More

Rover AntRover Ant / Brachymyrmex
Is a very small nuisance ant getting into buildings native to South America now invading the U.S. along all the Gulf States...

Slave Maker AntSlave Maker Ants / Myrmoxenus ravouxi
Some ants will raid the colonies of other ants, taking the pupae with them......Read More

sri lankan relict antSri Lankan Relict Ant / Aneuretus
The Sri Lankan Relict Ant is believed to be one of the oldest members of the ant family...

Thief AntThief Ant / Solenopsis molesta
Thief ants, get their names because they often raid other ants
nests .......Read More

Trap Jaw AntTrap Jaw Ant / Acanthognathus
The Trap Jaw Ant gets its name because it has mandibles that can open to 170 degrees when fully opened.

Weaver AntWeaver Ants / Oecophylla smaragdina
Weaver ants (genus Oecophylla) are known for their communication and nest building behaviour......
Read More

western harvester antWestern Harvester Ant / Pogonomyrmex
Weaver ants (genus Oecophylla) are known for their communication and nest building behaviour......
Read More

Yellow Citronella AntYellow Citronella Ants / Acanthomyops
They are found mostly in New England and the Midwest.......Read More